Chelsie DIAS



Problem Solver
Very Creative
Extensive network
Great team manager


Chelsie Dias is a Boston-born producer. After studying at Smith College and years working as an Art Conservator, Dias found herself inspired towards a different career in visual arts. She landed at ed-tech company, Fullbridge, Inc. after being headhunted by CEO Candice Carpenter (founder of iVillage) and Co-CEO Peter Olson (Harvard Business School professor and former Random House CEO). She would go onto become their company’s Head of Production when she created an innovative production model that decreased projected expenses by 92% and won a $45M contract for the company with The Saudi Arabian Ministry of Labor to launch the largest online education initiative for women in the Middle East. Dias was tasked with scaling her production volume by 1,150% which required her to open and staff in-house production studios across the U.S., Middle East, and North Africa.

Upon the project’s completion, Dias relocated to Los Angeles to focus her production experience on her creative roots and move on to narrative work,  producing several short films. Her success led her to be hired as a producer at The Weinstein Company to operate their highly competitive short films division and Lexus Short Films program. She was responsible for finding up-and-coming writer-directors from around the world to produce original films. During her time there, she released four short films that were nominated for hundreds of awards at festivals around the world and had four more films she developed that had just moved intro production when the Weinstein scandal happened. Despite the rigorous process required to develop these films from a pool of over 5,000 writer-directors (screening the filmmakers’ work, interviewing them, reviewing treatments, and developing the treatments into scripts), she decided to quit and use her experience to start her own company.

Dias launched proprietary technology film company, Superb Intelligence, that uses insights from the latest advancements in data science and machine learning to analyze a film’s return on investment. Leveraging the company’s success, Cinematic Ventures Capital Management and $150M Cinematic Venture Partners Fund were born, which use these insights to invest in a portfolio of films most likely to return a high ROI.

Dias is currently focused on producing commercially viable, high concept and socially relevant films.