Alexis RAULT

Score Composer


Composes powerful themes
Adapts quickly
High attention to detail
Sense of orchestration
Knowledge of classic as well as electronic instruments


Alexis Rault is an award-winning French film score composer. He was born and raised in Rennes where he studied classical music at the Conservatory.

After graduating, he moved to Paris and went on to perform over a hundred concerts, opening for well-known French artists such as Renan Luce and Michel Delpech. In 2008, he composed the original soundtrack of Vincent Monnet’s L’amour dans le sang, (adapted from the autobiography of Charlotte Valandrey). This film won him recognition and got him to compose a number of soundtracks for both independent and popular box office successes, such as Le Fils à Joe directed by Philippe Guillard (Sacem Award for Best Original Music at the Stuttgart Film Festival), Max directed by Stéphanie Murat, and Fiston directed by Pascal Bourdiaux (starring box office #1 French actor Kev Adams and Franck Dubosc).

His talent caught the ear of award-winning director André Téchiné (one of the greatest French directors alive) who chose Alexis to compose the soundtrack of his new film Being 17 (Official Competition at the Berlin Film Festival in 2016)  and he was shortlisted for the 2017 French Academy Awards for “Best Original Score”.

He and Michael Nakache have already collaborated twice on Transference and The Passenger.

His strengths and talents lie in his ability to create powerful themes and to alternate with ease between classical and modern instrumentation. He brings to Behind Closed Shutters a tremendous artistic value and the guarantee of an original soundtrack that reinforces the intensity and suspense of the film.